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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Engage in conversation; talk.


(Psychiatry) Fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory.

Examples of Confabulate in a sentence

"Come sit with me, and let's confabulate!"

"He might confabulate when he can't remember something, but that shouldn't be a lasting side effect."

About Confabulate

Confabulate is a formal term for an everyday activity — chitchat. If you want to describe a serious discussion, or maybe a business negotiation, "confabulate" is an appropriately distinguished term.

Did you Know?

In Latin, "fabula" is a fable and "con" is a prefix meaning come together. The psychiatric context of "confabulate" is closer to this original meaning. A person suffering memory loss may make up stories, or fables, to compensate for the gaps.

illustration Confabulate

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