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Part of speech: verb

Origin: British, late 18th century


Move with jerky or exaggerated movements.

Examples of Tittup in a sentence

"The horse will tittup to his stall even after a long ride."

"Jim Carrey has tittuped his way through some of his most famous movie roles."

About Tittup

This verb comes from the noun “tittup,” coined in the 1700s to describe the sound of a horse's hooves on the ground when moving between a trot and a gallop.

Did you Know?

“Tittup” was a term coined in the early 18th century to describe the specific sound a horse makes when moving between a canter (a controlled three-beat gait) and a gallop (a faster, four-beat variation of the same gait). Toward the end of the century, people began to use “tittup” as a verb to describe people who moved in an exaggerated fashion. Usage of the word became less common as horses became a less-favored mode of transportation.

illustration Tittup

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