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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Of the same opinion in a matter; in agreement.

Examples of Consentient in a sentence

"We pitched the idea of a new hedge to our neighbors, and they were consentient."

"All passengers on the boat were consentient, so we decided to stop first at the barrier island before sailing to our final destination."

About Consentient

“Consentient” is based on the Latin “consentire,” which combines the prefix “con-” (meaning “together”) with “sentire” (meaning “feel”).

Did you Know?

“Consentient” bridges two common words — “consent” and “sentient” — yet its meaning is different from either. Though “consentient” is built on the same Latin root as “consent,” that word is largely used as a synonym for “permission” or “acceptance” in modern terms. Sometimes “consent” means “agreement,” as in “the defendant gave his consent to a police search,” but we rarely use “consent” to describe feelings. By contrast, “consentient” describes a situation where people are in agreement because they share similar feelings. In this way, “consentient” leans closer to “sentient” (“feeling”) than to “consent.”

illustration Consentient

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