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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 18th century


Composed of people or elements from all over the world


Having familiarity with many cultures and being at ease anywhere in the world

Examples of Cosmopolitan in a sentence

"The plan for her semester abroad was a cosmopolitan adventure, visiting as many countries as possible."

"He grew up on a farm, but after years of travels he had adopted a cosmopolitan attitude."

About Cosmopolitan

You might be familiar with the pink cocktail, but cosmopolitan is also a useful adjective to describe anyone with a worldly attitude. It’s also used to describe something made up of elements from all over the world. Basically travel makes you cosmopolitan.

Did you Know?

Cosmopolitan can be broken down into its Greek roots: “cosmo” means world, or universe, and “polit” means citizen. So a classy, well-traveled, sophisticated individual is cosmopolitan, or a citizen of the world.

illustration Cosmopolitan

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