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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Anglo-Norman French, 16th century


Care for and protect in an overindulgent way.

Examples of Cosset in a sentence

"It’s rewarding to cosset one’s pets and receive unconditional love in return."

"Not wishing to cosset my daughter, I asked her to handle her college registration on her own."

About Cosset

“Cosset” is likely related to the Anglo-Norman French “coscet,” meaning “cottager.”

Did you Know?

In its first use, “cosset” was a noun that described a lamb raised by hand, before eventually shifting to suggest a spoiled child. It took about a century before “cosset” became a verb meaning “to treat like a cosset by petting, caring for, and indulging” — or overindulging. Today, cosseted animals are enormously popular on social media, where videos of pampered cats, spoiled dogs, and even tame raccoons are enjoyed by millions of viewers.

illustration Cosset

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