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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, late 19th century


A code name.

Examples of Cryptonym in a sentence

"Entrants’ names were replaced with cryptonyms to prevent any possible bias."

"The news referred to the member of the jury by a cryptonym to preserve anonymity."

About Cryptonym

Cryptonym developed from the combination of the Latin word “crypto” (hidden) + the word root “onym.”

Did you Know?

Some of the most recognizable code names are found in the White House. While code names were originally meant to keep the movements of important figures confidential, today these cryptonyms are used simply for tradition. Some notable code names from Presidents past include “Lancer” for President John F. Kennedy (a reference to Camelot and King Arthur’s court) and “Deacon” for President Jimmy Carter (a reference to his commitment to the Christian faith).

illustration Cryptonym

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