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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Anglo-French, 14th century


(Law) Possession of real property in one’s own right.


(Archaic) A region or domain.

Examples of Demesne in a sentence

"The small strip of sand on the edge of the island was not part of the king’s demesne."

"The family’s demesne was small, yet still profitable."

About Demesne

This word comes from the Old French “demeine,” later developed into the Anglo-Norman French “demesne,” meaning “belonging to a lord.” This originated from the Latin “dominicus,” from “dominus,” meaning “lord, master.”

Did you Know?

“Demesne” was a popular term in medieval Europe that indicated part of a lord’s land kept for his personal use and not held by tenants. In modern usage, “demesne” means an owner’s property or territory, or it can refer to an area of activity, knowledge, or influence.

illustration Demesne

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