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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 16th century


The removal of moisture from something.

Examples of Desiccation in a sentence

"The archaeologists were surprised by the level of desiccation that had occurred in the caves. "

"His process of desiccation takes a few days, but it makes the perfect dried fruit for homemade granola."

About Desiccation

Desiccation is the noun form of the verb "desiccate," meaning "to dry up." You desiccate meat in order to achieve desiccation, which produces jerky. And don't forget the adjective to describe that jerky, "desiccated."

Did you Know?

Desiccation isn't just drying off with a towel after your shower. It's the process of extreme drying, such as when plants are exposed to drought. There are also human-made processes of desiccation, which have many uses in a laboratory or for fieldwork. Also, bakers will find desiccation necessary to add dried coconut or cranberries to their baking, for example. There are many ways to accomplish desiccation, but they all achieve the result of removing moisture.

illustration Desiccation

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