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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old French, 16th century


To enchant or bewitch


To fascinate or captivate

Examples of Ensorcell in a sentence

"The dancer could ensorcell even the most bored audience with her captivating performances."

"His ability to ensorcell all who met him easily made him the most popular kid in school."

About Ensorcell

Ensorcell — meaning “to captivate” or “to enchant” — shares the same roots as sorcerer, but our English words for magic and magician come to us from the Persian language. In Old Persian, a magus was a magician with otherworldly powers.

Did you Know?

The ability to bewitch someone is a hallmark of the word ensorcell. So it's no surprise, then, that it has the same French roots as the word sorcerer.

illustration Ensorcell

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