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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, mid-19th century


The person second in importance to the protagonist in a drama.

Examples of Deuteragonist in a sentence

"Tyler felt like he was a deuteragonist in his own life."

"The role of a deuteragonist can be just as important as the protagonist."

About Deuteragonist

This word originates from the Greek “deuteragōnistēs,” which comes from “deuteros,” meaning “second” and “agōnistēs,” meaning actor.”

Did you Know?

A deuteragonist isn’t necessarily the same from one story to the next. A deuteragonist may be on the protagonist's side, like a sidekick or a love interest. Or they can be a villain, foil, or primary rival the protagonist must defeat. The deuteragonist can simply serve a neutral role, too.

illustration Deuteragonist

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