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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old English, 11th century


Twilight, as at early morning (dawn) or (especially) early evening; dusk.


Sullenness; melancholy.

Examples of Gloaming in a sentence

"My husband likes to describe our evening walks as “roaming in the gloaming.”"

"If the cat doesn't come inside before the gloaming, she’ll likely stay out all night."

About Gloaming

“Gloaming” is an Old English word based on the root “glōm,” meaning “twilight.”

Did you Know?

“Gloaming” is a very old word based on the Old English root “glōm,” meaning “twilight.” Over the course of its long history, “gloaming” has been pronounced differently — at one time, the term was pronounced “glooming.” (The word “gloom” is also based on the Old English “glōm.”) “Gloaming” — describing light dying out — is also related to the word “glow,” with nearly the opposite meaning. Both words share the root “glō,” which is the basis of “glow,” and suggests “gloaming” should be specifically defined as the time when lights still glow as dusk descends.

illustration Gloaming

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