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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, early 19th century


Of or concerning carving or engraving.

Examples of Glyptic in a sentence

"While she struggled with painting, Dylan excelled in the glyptic arts."

"The table was covered in intricate glyptic designs."

About Glyptic

Glyptic comes from the French "glyptique" of the same meaning, but the French word comes from the Greek words "gluptēs" and "gluphein" (which mean "carver" and "carve," respectively).

Did you Know?

Are you curious about a glyptic hobby but don't know where to start? Whittling is carving objects or figures out of a small piece of wood, and is a surprisingly easy pastime to pick up. All you need is a softwood (easier to carve with), a knife, and patience to begin your first glyptic wooden creation.

illustration Glyptic

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