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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, late 15th century


Make or become accustomed or used to something.

Examples of Habituate in a sentence

"At the beginning of every winter, it takes me a few weeks to habituate myself to the cold."

"Paul thought having to habituate himself to nighttime noise was the hardest part of moving to the city."

About Habituate

“Habituate” is from the late Latin “habituat-” (accustomed) from the verb “habituare.” The Latin “habitus” describes a condition.

Did you Know?

While it’s impossible to turn off the body’s awareness of cold, it’s perfectly possible for people to habituate themselves to different temperature extremes. Why endure such discomfort? Some researchers believe human metabolisms have been short-circuited by modern climate control and propose exposure to cold as a means to jolt the immune system. Such exposure can remind the body of the winters we no longer experience as acutely as our ancestors. This can be done with daily exposures to cold showers, or by deliberately dressing lightly in cold weather.

illustration Habituate

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