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Thursday, March 17



Part of speech: Adjective

Origin: Latin and Old Celtic, 17th century


Of or concerning Ireland (now chiefly used in names).

Examples of Hibernian in a sentence

"The Hibernian guests were easily identified by their accents and requests for particular whiskeys."

"Legendary Hibernian authors James Joyce and Samuel Beckett left Ireland early in life."

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About Hibernian

The Roman name for Ireland was “Hibernia,” which derived from the Old Celtic ”Iveriu.”

Did you Know?

“Hibernia” is a very old word for “Irish,” usually applied by outsiders, though its middle syllable is similar to “Éire,” the name the Irish use for their home. Perhaps its most common use today is a confusing one: the popular Hibernian Football Club is actually a Scottish sports team competing in the top tier of the Scottish Professional Football League.

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