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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek


One who loves to travel


A traveler with a special affinity for roads

Examples of Hodophile in a sentence

"A total hodophile, she spent her free time seeing as much of the world as she could."

"The odometer on a hodophile's car may shock you — the miles add up when you're constantly on the road."

About Hodophile

If you've got wanderlust, you also qualify as a hodophile. Many words define different aspects of travel, but few come as close to capturing the love of it quite like this one — not least because, in terms of vocabulary, it's a bit off the beaten path.

Did you Know?

Derived from an ancient Greek word (οὐδός) pertaining to roads and journeys, hodophile is a lesser-known travel term. That's oddly fitting, given that those who exhibit it are known to travel to lesser-known destinations.

illustration Hodophile

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