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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, early 19th century


An unknown person or thing.


An edible predatory freshwater whitefish related to the salmon, native to Eurasian and North American lakes close to the Arctic Circle.

Examples of Inconnu in a sentence

"Noah is an inconnu to many who know him."

"Jim smoked the inconnu to enhance its flavor."

About Inconnu

This French loanword translates literally as “unknown.”

Did you Know?

The inconnu fish goes by many names, including sailfish, nelma, sheefish, and the affectionate “connie.” Inconnu is the only predatory member of the whitefish group in Northern America and is a highly sought-after sport fish. Inconnu have earned the nickname “Eskimo tarpon” because of their silver coloring and ability to leap high out of the water when caught.

illustration Inconnu

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