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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


Tending to laziness


In medicine, progressing or healing slowly

Examples of Indolent in a sentence

"The snowstorm was perfect for an indolent day full of hot cocoa and movies on the couch."

"The indolent ulcer needed to be watched, but it wasn’t causing major problems."

About Indolent

As an adjective for laziness, "indolent" has a specific meaning of being averse to activity or motion. It has less of a negative connotation than some other words for laziness. "Indolent" could mean you’re enjoying your lack of activity.

Did you Know?

The adjective "indolent" implies laziness or lack of movement. It can be an insult, or just a descriptor for something that isn’t moving very quickly. In this sense, the medical field has adopted the adjective to describe a slow-moving medical condition.

illustration Indolent

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