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Saturday, November 27



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Middle English, 15th century


Encourage and enliven (someone).

Examples of Inspirit in a sentence

"Jane knew how to inspirit her husband when he felt down."

"It was hard to inspirit the sleep-deprived mother."

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About Inspirit

This word comes from the Middle English “inspiriten,” meaning “to stir (someone’s mind) into action.”

Did you Know?

The word “inspirit” has inspirited many people to incorporate it into their company names. There’s Inspirit AI, an Artificial Intelligence education program developed and taught by MIT and Stanford students, Inspirit Yoga Studio in Florida, the mystical Inspirit Crystals in Massachusetts, several retirement homes with the name Inspirit, and the Inspirit Foundation in Toronto, which promotes inclusion and pluralism through the arts.

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