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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Hindi, early 17th century


An overwhelming force that destroys anything in its path


An institution that inspires blind devotion and sacrifice

Examples of Juggernaut in a sentence

"The youngest candidate is a juggernaut, impressing voters and blowing away competitors in every debate."

"Harry Potter has turned into a global juggernaut, with the books having inspired movies, plays, theme parks, and any kind of merchandise you can think of."

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illustration Juggernaut

About Juggernaut

The word juggernaut was adopted into English after a 14th-century monk came back from India with stories of how people worshipped the Hindu god Jagannath. In religious processions an enormous statue of Jagannath was carried through the streets on a carriage, and fanatical worshippers would throw themselves under the wheels as a sacrifice. Juggernaut came to be used in Europe to describe any massive vehicle or unstoppable force.

Did you Know?

Juggernaut is an X-Men villain from Marvel Comics who earned his powerful name because of his mutant abilities. He’s unstoppable once in motion; he doesn’t tire from physical activity; he heals quickly, and he can survive without food, water, and oxygen.

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