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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, late 18th century


Showing stern and inflexible judgment.

Examples of Rhadamanthine in a sentence

"My Rhadamanthine math teacher gave a week’s worth of morning detention to any student who skipped homework."

"The judge’s Rhadamanthine reputation meant he was widely known as being harsh but fair."

About Rhadamanthine

“Rhadamanthine” was formed in English after “Ῥαδάμανθυς” (Rhadamanthus), a wise king in Greek mythology.

Did you Know?

“Rhadamanthine” means to be stern and rigid in one’s judgments. The term refers to King Rhadamanthus of ancient Greek myth, the son of Zeus and Europa, best known as a severe judge of the dead in the underworld. The eponymous adjective “Rhadamanthine” derives from his reputation for severity. To be Rhadamanthine is to be as severe and inflexible as the mythic king — but as principled, respectful of rules, and devoted to justice as Rhadamanthus was also known to be.

illustration Rhadamanthine

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