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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Relating to a reptile of the suborder Lacertilia; a lizard.



Examples of Lacertilian in a sentence

"The lacertilian beachgoers line up on their towels on the sand every morning."

"Though they have certain lacertilian features, crocodiles are not actually large lizards."

About Lacertilian

“Lacertilian” is taken from the Latin, combining “lacerta” (meaning “lizard”) with the suffix “-ilia,” (meaning “similar to”).

Did you Know?

Lizards are cold-blooded, but they are more comfortable when they’re warm, which is why they seek out heat and sun. The adjective “lacertilian” might not seem to apply to cats at first, but like lizards, cats adore the warmth of the sun. Cats are warm-blooded creatures, but cats enjoy sitting in patches of sun, or on heating pads and electric blankets. External heat allows cats to reach a comfortable temperature without expending effort, leading to the lacertilian behavior of following the warmth.

illustration Lacertilian

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