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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle French, mid 16th century


Lightness in movement or action; nimbleness, agility; (later also) flexibility of mind; mental agility.


Lack of weight or weightiness; lightness of touch or feeling.

Examples of Legerity in a sentence

"The lambs pranced with a sense of legerity."

"Astronauts experience a feeling of legerity when in outer space."

About Legerity

Legerity developed from the French word "légèreté," which means thoughtlessness. While it is good to be lighthearted, it is important to pay attention to the time, place, and occasion, so you are not considered thoughtless.

Did you Know?

To feel a sense of legerity, you might consider having a zero-gravity experience. There are many different opportunities for weightlessness — even a Boeing plane that allows you to float as you would in outer space.

illustration Legerity

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