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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 18th century


An ecclesiastical calendar of the months, especially a calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church containing biographies of the saints in the order of the dates on which they are commemorated.

Examples of Menology in a sentence

"Rosa loved collecting different examples of menology, and switched calendars throughout the year to change things up."

"Theresa consulted a menology to learn more about her namesake saints."

About Menology

This noun comes from the Greek word "mēnologion" — which can be broken down further into the words "mēn" (month) and "logos" (account).

Did you Know?

Calendars come in all different shapes and forms, from breathtaking art prints to a simple desk flip calendar. Switch up your way of tracking the days this year to a wonderful alternative, such as a menology. Don't worry, your digital calendars will still be there.

illustration Menology

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