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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 19th century


Marriage at an old age.

Examples of Opsigamy in a sentence

"Opsigamy might be on the rise as older people are starting to use dating apps to find new partners later in life."

"Opsigamy once raised eyebrows, but it’s much more common now for people to wait to get married until they are older."

About Opsigamy

“Opsigamy” is formed by combining the ancient Greek “ὀψέ,” or “opsé” (meaning “late”) with the suffix “-gamy,” meaning “marriage.”

Did you Know?

When using a rare term such as “opsigamy,” getting married later in life sounds out of the ordinary. But in fact, the practice is already common, especially among celebrities. George Clooney was known for years as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, but he settled down to marry at 53. Barbra Streisand married her current husband when she was 56, and Harrison Ford married when he was 67. George Takei was even older when he wed his partner of 20 years at the age of 71, almost the moment same-sex marriage became legal in the United States.

illustration Opsigamy

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