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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 16th century


A tool or instrument used to gain knowledge


A set of guiding principles for a particular science, philosophy, or discipline

Examples of Organon in a sentence

"The internet was my organon of choice when doing research for school."

"The scientist abided by an organon of peer-reviewed documents, books, and studies to inform her work."

About Organon

An organon is something (such as a textbook) used to help someone acquire knowledge, and the word stems from the Greek language. In fact, the "Organon" is a collection of six books by Greek philosopher Aristotle dealing with logic, all combining to create a definitive lecture still referenced today.

Did you Know?

Some scholars argue that we are living in the era of the greatest organon in human history: the internet. You're using it to gain knowledge right now!

illustration Organon

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