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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, mid 17th century


(formal or humorous) kiss.

Examples of Osculate in a sentence

"The ocean and sky were so blue that it was difficult to discern where they osculated on the horizon."

"Many cultures greet each other by osculating their companions’ cheeks."

About Osculate

This word originated from the Latin word “osculat” (kissed), which was derived from the verb “osculari” and the word “osculum” (little mouth or kiss).

Did you Know?

While a romantic kiss between the happily married couple is often considered the highlight of a wedding ceremony, Ancient Romans viewed the practice very differently. Ancient Roman couples would osculate as a symbol of their mutual agreement to the marriage. Since literacy was not as widespread during this time, historians speculate that this was a way of sealing an agreement — and that this action is likely what led to the development of the phrase “sealed with a kiss.”

illustration Osculate

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