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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 1990s


A person who eats fish but no other forms of meat


Cuisine that can contain fish but no other forms of meat

Examples of Pescatarian in a sentence

"After she read a book about factory farming, she became a pescatarian."

"The restaurant was known for catering to pescatarians, so it was ideal for groups with different dietary needs."

About Pescatarian

The noun form of pescatarian is used here, but it can also be used as an adjective to describe anything related to pescatarianism. A menu, a person, an animal, or a dish could be a pescatarian (noun), or it can be described as pescatarian (adjective). You may also see the variant spelling, "pescetarian," thanks to its Italian roots.

Did you Know?

"Pescatarian" is a word that was created to fill a need to describe people adopting new habits of eating, particularly adapting vegetarianism to include fish. A pescatarian will usually still eat animal products such as dairy and eggs, but they eliminate all other forms of meat. The term mashes up "vegetarian" with the Italian word for fish, "pesce."

illustration Pescatarian

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