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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 15th century




Having political authority

Examples of Puissant in a sentence

"My grandfather thought he ruled the house, but we all knew grandma was the most puissant."

"The new president demonstrated her puissant ability by passing several laws right away."

About Puissant

"Puissant" is the adjective form of the noun "puissance," which means power or might. It’s more often used in a literary sense than in everyday conversation, but "puissant" is a strong word to demonstrate ability.

Did you Know?

"Puissant" shares a meaning with a few more “P” words — "powerful" and "potent." These words can all be traced back to the same Latin word, “posse,” which means to be able. Demonstrate your powerful potential with this perfectly poetic word.

illustration Puissant

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