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Part of speech: combining form

Origin: Latin, 15th century


Seemingly; apparently but not really.


Being partly or almost.

Examples of Quasi in a sentence

"George was a quasi-Floridian; he loved Jimmy Buffet and followed the Buccaneers, but he lived in North Dakota."

"My father never went to college, but he read so much that he spoke like a quasi-academic."

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illustration Quasi

About Quasi

“Quasi” was taken directly from the same word in Latin, meaning “as if,” or “almost.”

Did you Know?

“Quasi” is a combining form, which is similar to a prefix, but it works slightly differently. A prefix adjusts the function of the word, such as with “in-ability” or “im-possible.” A combining form, such as “quasi,” helps determine a new meaning of the word. “Quasi” describes something or someone that is closely similar to something else without bridging the gap and becoming that thing. For example, a “quasi-vegetarian” is a person who eats meat extremely rarely, but they can’t quite claim to be a complete vegetarian.

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