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Part of speech: verb

Origin: English, 18th century


Make or become quiet and calm.

Examples of Quieten in a sentence

"My phone is plugged in across the bedroom so I have to get out of bed to quieten the alarm."

"Rodrigo finds it challenging to quieten his excitable students at the beginning of class."

About Quieten

“Quieten” was formed within English by taking the existing adjective “quiet” and adding the suffix “-en” to form a verb.

Did you Know?

The challenge of quietening a room full of students of any age is in capturing their attention. When an instructor enters a classroom full of students talking excitedly, they need students to quieten their activity and redirect their focus to a single source: the lesson at the front of the room. One of the most effective ways to quieten a classroom in college, high school, elementary school, and even preschool is to begin with humor and fun before gently moving the discussion toward more focused subjects.

illustration Quieten

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