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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old English, 13th century


Advise (someone).


Interpret (a riddle or dream).

Examples of Rede in a sentence

"The commencement speaker closed his speech with the final piece of advice, "I rede you to use your knowledge to always inspire others.""

"I try to write down my dreams as soon as I wake up so that I can rede them later."

About Rede

“Rede” is based on the Old English “rǣdan” (meaning “to advise”).

Did you Know?

With the meaning of “to advise (someone),” the verb “rede” is fairly archaic. Its usage is almost exclusively as an infinitive: “I rede you to read the instructions before you begin.” There’s a secondary verb definition meaning “to interpret a dream,” but that has almost disappeared from usage. The noun form of “rede” is perhaps more recognizable, but people may not realize they’re using it. When someone asks, “What’s your read/rede on the situation?” they may be intending to use “read,” asking for your take, but they could also be using “rede” and want your counsel.

illustration Rede

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