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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old French, early 15th century


Form branches or offshoots.


Spread or branch out; grow and develop in complexity or range.

Examples of Ramify in a sentence

"The family had ramified into a clan that spread out across the country. "

"The therapist decided she wanted to ramify her practice to attract more patients."

About Ramify

This word comes from Old French “ramifier,” which stems from medieval Latin “ramificare,” originally from Latin “ramus,” meaning “branch.”

Did you Know?

“Ramify” stems from “ramus,” the Latin word for "branch." The word was originally a scientific term, referencing branching parts of trees and plants. Later, it was applied to how nerves and veins branch out. It was only in more recent times that “ramify” was used in non-scientific and figurative contexts.

illustration Ramify

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