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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 19th century


An object or feature which imitates the design of a similar artifact made from another material.


(Computing) An element of a graphical user interface which mimics a physical object.

Examples of Skeuomorph in a sentence

"The museum had several skueomorphs of original indigenous weaponry."

"I love a pen and paper but the notepad skeuomorph on my phone is handier."

About Skeuomorph

Skeuomorph originated from the Greek words "skeuos" (container, implement) and "morphē" (form).

Did you Know?

Apple has incorporated skeuomorphs into much of the iPhone design. Your note-taking app is represented by a skeuomorph of a notepad, and the timer is a skeuomorph of a clock. This design element is everywhere!

illustration Skeuomorph

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