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illustration Solivagant


[\ sōˈlivəgənt\]

Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin


A lone wanderer


One who wanders on their own

Examples of Solivagant in a sentence

"He was too much of a solivagant to stick with the group on field trips."

"It takes a true solivagant to drop everything for a solo backpacking trip in a foreign country."

About Solivagant

Not everyone likes to travel in groups, and so it is with solivagants. If you've ever had the urge to wander around, whether in your own neighborhood or on the other side of the globe, you too may be a solivagant without even realizing it.

Did you Know?

Solivagant combines two Latin words — soli (alone) and vagus (wandering) — to create a term that isn't as strange as it initially appears.

illustration Solivagant

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