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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, late 16th century


Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.


Used to denote the extreme or unparalleled nature of a person's attitude or behavior.

Examples of Sublime in a sentence

"I spent three hours examining all the details of the sublime cathedral ceiling."

"The professor’s lectures were known to be so sublime that his classes filled up immediately."

About Sublime

Here’s a word usually reserved for the absolute best of something. Sublime means it’s so amazingly grand, so outstanding, that nothing can compete. Beethoven’s symphonies: Sublime. The ‘90s band named Sublime? Their “sublimeness” is up for debate.

Did you Know?

The adjective sublime means excellent. But there’s a verb form of sublime, usually used in chemistry. When a substance is sublimed, it changes into vapor when heated and leaves behind a solid substance when cooled.

illustration Sublime

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