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Part of speech: verb

Origin: American English, 19th century


Give a brief summary or general survey of (something)

Examples of Synopsize in a sentence

"Sydney used the commercial breaks of the Dodgers game to synopsize the at-bats for her husband who was grilling dinner outside."

"I find it difficult to synopsize movies when people ask me."

About Synopsize

The verb “synopsize” is an American addition to English, formed out of the noun “synopsis.” That word entered English in the 17th century from the Latin “synopsis” and the Greek “σύνοψις” (“súnopsis”), both meaning “whole view.” In the 19th century, American speakers added the suffix “-ize,” making a verb of the noun.

Did you Know?

Students around the world have taken advantage of CliffsNotes, which synopsize literary works into easy-to-digest summaries and study guides. But the business model was started in 1948 with Coles Notes, produced by Canadian bookstore Coles. In 1958, Nebraskan Clifton Hillegass licensed the U.S. rights to the idea and launched CliffsNotes, synopsizing in simple language 16 Shakespearean plays, before going on to synopsize hundreds of works of literature and academic subjects. Today, CliffsNotes have been challenged by the rise of websites that offer free versions of similar services.

illustration Synopsize

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