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Monday, September 13



Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 17th century


Something with an invigorating effect.


The first note in a scale which, in conventional harmony, provides the keynote of a piece of music.

Examples of Tonic in a sentence

"Layla knew she needed to drink the tonic even though it tasted bitter."

"The tonic in his original composition was a very high note."

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About Tonic

This word comes from the French “tonique” by way of the Greek “tonikos,” meaning “of or for stretching.”

Did you Know?

“Tonic” can also be used as an adjective in several different ways. In phonetics, a tonic is “denoting or relating to the syllable within a tone group that has greatest prominence, because it carries the main change of pitch.” And in physiology, it means “relating to, denoting, or producing continuous muscular contraction.”

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