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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


Something overly sweet and artificially heartwarming


A substance of molasses, sugar, and corn syrup used in sweet desserts

Examples of Treacle in a sentence

"I prefer serious, dramatic TV shows over the fluffy, tear-jerking treacle found on most channels."

"I drizzled warm treacle over the cake for a perfect, sweet finish."

About Treacle

Everyone has that one favorite treacle-filled, guilty-pleasure movie. Perhaps it’s one of the dozens of holiday-themed TV films famously released by the Hallmark Channel every year. In 2019, the sentimentally minded network announced 40 (!) original movies for the season — the first of which is slated to air even before Halloween.

Did you Know?

Treacle — the syrup — is made from what remains after sugar is refined. When dissolved, the resulting material contains the minimum of dissolved non-sugars to be removed by treatment with activated carbon. It is most commonly used in the United Kingdom.

illustration Treacle

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