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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 19th century


A store of valuable or delightful things.

Examples of Trove in a sentence

"The kids were pretending to be pirates on a hunt for the secret treasure trove."

"His wine cellar was a trove of rare vintages."

About Trove

Historically, "trove" should be paired with "treasure." The phrase comes from the French "tresor trové," literally "found treasure." The French verb "trover" means "to find," but in English, the noun "trove" means "a stash of valuables."

Did you Know?

The origin of "trove" comes from an Anglo-Norman French phrase "tresor trové," literally "found treasure." Today, under British law, when hidden valuables are discovered, these found items are property of the crown. Treasure hunters may not care about the words, but the Treasure Act of 1996 officially referred to these finds as "treasure," not a "treasure trove."

illustration Trove

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