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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 15th century


Shorten the duration or extent of.


Shorten by cutting off the top or end.

Examples of Truncate in a sentence

"The director cut out more than a dozen scenes in order to truncate the film."

"Our manager insists we truncate any meeting before it runs over an hour."

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illustration Truncate

About Truncate

“Truncate” is based on the Latin “truncat-” which means “maimed,” from the verb “truncare.”

Did you Know?

The verb “truncate” is closely associated with the noun “trunk,” referring to the central part of a thing (such as a tree). To “truncate” means to “reduce to a trunk” (in the case of a tree by removing branches). The modern definition of “truncate” is rarely applied to physical objects; instead, we truncate time, or truncate things demanding time. For example, someone may truncate a trip in order to return home more quickly.

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