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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old English, late 16th century


Disclose (one's thoughts or secrets).

Examples of Unbosom in a sentence

"Caroline unbosomed her concerns to her best friend."

"Counselors are used to clients who unbosom their secrets."

About Unbosom

This word comes from the Old English suffix “un,” a prefix of negation, plus the Old English “bosm,” meaning “breast, womb, surface,” which stems from the West Germanic “bōsmaz.”

Did you Know?

“Unbosom” is part of a collection of words that incorporates its root, “bosom,” which means “breast, womb, surface, or ship’s hold” in its Old English form. “Embosom” means “to shelter closely.” “Imbosom” is an archaic version of “embosom.” And “disbosom” means to disclose a secret, just like “unbosom.”

illustration Unbosom

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