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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 16th century


The appearance of being true or real.

Examples of Verisimilitude in a sentence

"The critics panned the play as lacking verisimilitude, specifically because of its over-the-top acting."

"Animated movies don't have verisimilitude, but their fantastical nature is what makes them so popular."

About Verisimilitude

Coming from the Latin “vērīsimilis,” meaning "probable," "verisimilitude" means having the appearance of truth. While it has the outward appearance of truth, it could be revealed to be false.

Did you Know?

Use the adjective "verisimilitude" to describe a piece of art that feels real. It could be a play, a painting, or prose. In a modern twist, virtual reality headsets and video games are gaining popularity, thanks to their verisimilitude. Users feel like they are closer to being in the world of their games than ever before.

illustration Verisimilitude

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