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Friday, May 1



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 17th century


A soft gentle breeze.


A very light article of clothing.

Examples of Zephyr in a sentence

"The warm zephyr was a welcome sign that spring was here. "

"You only need to wear a zephyr over your swimsuit for a trip to the beach."

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About Zephyr

You can use zephyr to describe a welcome breeze on a warm day, or it might be the article of clothing you’re wearing. Zephyr was applied to a specific kind of cotton gingham, but the term evolved to describe any lightweight garment.

Did you Know?

In Greek, “zephuros” means god of the west wind. The word zephyr was adopted as a poetic way to describe a gentle breeze — possibly from the west, but not necessarily.

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