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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 17th century


A soft gentle breeze.


A very light article of clothing.

Examples of Zephyr in a sentence

"The warm zephyr was a welcome sign that spring was here. "

"You only need to wear a zephyr over your swimsuit for a trip to the beach."

About Zephyr

In Greek, "zephuros" means "god of the west wind." As "zefferus" moved into Old English, it became a personification of the west wind, or a metaphor for pleasant weather. By the late 17th century, the word "zephyr" was a poetic way to describe a gentle breeze — possibly from the west, but not necessarily.

Did you Know?

You can use "zephyr" to describe a welcome breeze on a warm day, or it might be the article of clothing you're wearing. "Zephyr" once referred to a specific kind of fine cotton gingham, but the term evolved to describe any lightweight garment.

illustration Zephyr

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