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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Cite as evidence.

Examples of Adduce in a sentence

"You'll have to adduce your sources before submitting the paper."

"Their minds were made up well before any proof was adduced."

About Adduce

This word made its way into Late Middle English by way of the Latin word "adducere," a combination of the words "ad" ("toward") and "ducere" ("to lead").

Did you Know?

Don't believe everything you read — unless the writer can adduce the appropriate sources. To adduce a source (or cite it as evidence) means the writer has researched and vetted the source. Depending on where and how something is published, citation methods and styles vary. The most commonly used citations are done in Chicago Manual Style (used for history, economics, and social sciences), MLA Style (developed by the Modern Language Association for arts and the humanities), and APA Style (used in social sciences and psychology).

illustration Adduce

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