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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, late 17th century


Make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter.


Act as a judge in a competition.

Examples of Adjudicate in a sentence

"The student council was required to adjudicate any issues with the code of conduct. "

"After years as a public defender, he was ready for his promotion to adjudicate on the state Supreme Court."

About Adjudicate

The verb "adjudicate" comes from the Latin root "adjudicat-," meaning "awarded judicially." It's a mid-17th-century word, while the noun "adjudication" was in use in the late 16th century.

Did you Know?

Adjudicate can be traced directly to the Latin verb "judicare," meaning "to judge." But go back just a little bit further to "jus," the Latin word for "law," and you'll recognize the root of many of English legal terms. Take a closer look at "judge," "judicial," "judgment," "prejudice," "jury," "injury," "justice," and "perjury."

illustration Adjudicate

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