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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, 17th century


Showing skillfulness or cleverness in handling a situation


Dexterous or nimble with the use of hands

Examples of Adroit in a sentence

"When the wedding caterer cancelled at the last minute, the adroit mother of the bride organized a replacement."

"Watch out for adroit pickpockets while you’re traveling; they'll nab your wallet without you noticing. "

About Adroit

Adroit can have a physical or a mental usage. Either way, you’re quick and skillful. You could be coming up with the perfect solution to a vexing problem, or you could be showing off your ease of movement. You could also use the adverb adroitly to describe something done in an adroit manner.

Did you Know?

Adroit is borrowed directly from French. The translation of the French word “adroit” is skillful. There’s also a German cousin, “adrett,” meaning neat and tidy.

illustration Adroit

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