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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Relating to an ideal rustic paradise.

Examples of Arcadian in a sentence

"Though the cabins offered every modern convenience, the resort’s decor motif was purely arcadian."

"Driven by arcadian longings, Sam and Kelly decided to move to the country."

About Arcadian

“Arcadian” is from the Latin “Arcadius,” based on the ancient Greek “Arkádios,” meaning “an Arcadian.”

Did you Know?

“Arcadian” describes something related to an ideal rustic paradise. In Greek mythology, Arcadia was the home of Pan, the god of nature, while geographically, Arcadia referred to a mountainous district in the Peloponnese region of ancient Greece. While “Arcadia” is still a popular place name, “arcadian” as an adjective refers to the utopian ideal of the mythical Arcadia, a place where one is at peace with the beauty of nature.

illustration Arcadian

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