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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, 18th century


A bold, brilliant display or performance


In music, a passage requiring exceptional agility and technique

Examples of Bravura in a sentence

"She executed the dive with flawless technical precision and her own unique bravura."

"As the flautist performed the piece's bravura section flawlessly, the audience watched and listened in rapt attention."

About Bravura

Executing a flawless gymnastics routine with bravura and flair is something Larysa Latynina is very familiar with. The gymnast from the former Soviet Union won a total of 18 Olympic medals (nine of which were gold) between 1956 and 1964, giving her the most medals of any female athlete, regardless of sport, in Olympics history.

Did you Know?

Bravura comes to us from the colorful Italian language, where it means "skill." It can also be used as an adjective, essentially with the same meaning: A brilliant show could be called a "bravura performance."

illustration Bravura

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