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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


A candlemaker


A supplier of specific products, most commonly for ships and boats

Examples of Chandler in a sentence

"At the Renaissance Fair you can stop by the chandler's booth and stock up on candles."

"Before the ship could head out on its next voyage, the crew needed to visit the chandler for more supplies."

About Chandler

A chandler is a dealer in specific supplies, most often for a ship. Think about it: You’ve been at sea for months, and you’re coming into port in the middle of the night. You need to restock and make a quick turnaround back to the seas. You won’t go to a regular grocery and hardware store. You’ll go to a specialized wholesaler, or chandler, for all your provisions.

Did you Know?

A chandler is a candlemaker, but this role had quite a bit more importance in pre-electricity times, when candles were a primary source of light. In medieval households, the head of the chandlery was responsible for all items made from wax or tallow, including candles and soap.

illustration Chandler

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