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Part of speech: verb

Origin: French, 17th century


Adorn with trimmings.

Examples of Furbelow in a sentence

"Most of the office dressed business casual, but Katia arrived to work each day furbelowed with designer shoes, vintage glasses, and eye-catching jewelry."

"I find taking the time to furbelow myself before I leave the house gives me confidence and pride in my appearance."

About Furbelow

“Furbelow” is a corruption of the French term “falbala,” describing a ruffle or flashy ornament.

Did you Know?

“Furbelow” entered the English language as a noun describing pleated or gathered strips of skirts or petticoats, but the word has nothing to do with either the noun “fur,” or the preposition “below.” Rather, it’s a corruption of the French word “falbala,” which describes ornamentation in dress.

illustration Furbelow

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